Changes in Academic Profession: A response to Societal Challenges?: summary

Croatian Academics and University Civic Mission: Possibilities and Constraints

Paper presented at the conference 25th CHER Conference: Higher Education and Social Dynamics
(Belgrade, Sept 10-12, 2012)

Challenges for Civic Mission at Croatian Universities: Academic Youth is Not That Interested?

Paper presented at the conference ISTR 10th International Conference: Democratization, Marketization and the Third Sector (Siena, July 10-13, 2012)

The Academics and the Role of the Service Function: plenary session

Paper presented at the conference „Changing Conditions and Changing Approaches of Academic Work”, (Berlin, June 4-6 2012)

University and Sustainable Development: Analysis of Suppositions of Successful Implementation in the Core Academic Activities: summary

Academics and University Mission: Attitudes, Conditions and Implications for University Civic Mission Integration: research results abstract

Changes in Academic Profession

University Professors and University Mission

Prerequisites for civic engagement at Croatian universities

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